Themed Soft Playgrounds for Children

The soft playgrounds offer Superhero house to wild forest, deep sea to snow world! The soft play area indoors can become your dream world. The theme-based soft play center attracts children’s hearts in the 21st century in no time.

Jungle themed soft playground

The fascinating multifunctional gaming table has occupied a soft corner in every child’s heart. Children can have fun, while parents can spend a quiet time.

Our custom design services allow us to create unique and compelling play areas within the client’s area and budget. Theme playground is our favorite! It means imaginative fun and strategy when you create fantastic gaming spaces.

Our team of designers and our own manufacturing facilities can help you create a fantastic play area. Our team will guide you through the entire process; from the initial plan design to the selection of game equipment to installation.

We are a professional manufacturer of indoor games, dedicated to providing children with age-appropriate playgrounds. We have designed and developed themed play areas for many areas.

As shopping malls, schools, commercial indoor parks, hospitals, and nurseries. When designing a playground, we focus on the customer’s area and age group of children.

Why is the theme of indoor sports fields?

The subject area can be located almost anywhere: the subject area is a good choice for all business areas. The play area can be customized according to the theme, and the existing business area can be retained. The play area is suitable for your location. For example, if you have a car shop, you can choose a competition theme that suits your business space.

The custom playground is suitable for all ages or rooms. Regardless of the size of your game space, we can provide you with customized game solutions. Our game consultant can help you create the best design for your space and budget.

Themed play areas can enhance your brand. If you can smile at the visitors’ faces, they will definitely come back. The play area creates a family-friendly atmosphere at your location.

They will definitely recommend your place to your friends. It makes your space stand out. The unique visual attraction and entertainment will make your accommodation more enjoyable. The game area will prove that your organization values ​​your small customers.

When you create a heavenly space for them, children will not forget your place. Free consultation on indoor gaming equipment!

We offer free 3D design and expert advice to beginners in this field. You can also request a catalog of theme areas from our design team or call directly to learn more about the soft playground project.

Trampoline Parks-The Best Fun and Fitness Choice

Trampoline park manufacturers are thinking about every details about safety.Trampoline parks are the perfect playground for indoor and outdoor parks. The studs are the preferred choice for fun and fitness. People of all ages enjoy jumping on trampolines.

Children’s trampoline parks have changed our view of the season. Indoor trampoline parks family entertainment centers are becoming increasingly popular in the world and trampolines are the best fun equipment for people of all ages.

Trampoline Park

Here we list the 10 most important reasons why a trampoline is the best for fun ;

Trampoline parks are fun for all of your young children and you benefit from installing an indoor trampoline.Children can have healthy hopes that enable activity-oriented play.

The trampolines affect the entire body and adults can train healthily. Trampolines are perfect for training. The indoor trampoline parks are the most attractive workplaces.

Jumping on a trampoline is good for fitness training that improves the flexibility of the body. Children will also like to exercise healthily without realizing that they are burning their excess fat in trampoline parks.

Trampolines are safe Antalya Park trampolines are manufactured with an emphasis on safety and the padded surfaces guarantee maximum safety for the user. The safety net is strongly recommended to ensure maximum safety when using trampolines.

The trampoline is a good investment. will not be out of date and you will find that it will become increasingly popular in the coming years. Isn’t it so interesting that it can be used by a child from 5 years old to an adult from 100+ years old?

Trampolines improve balance and coordination. Bouncing on a trampoline helps improve the body’s coordination and balance within a short period of time. It is a low impact workout that strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

Trampolines are good social entertainment. The trampoline parks offer absolute fun and are ideal for social training. The multi-activity trampolines can accommodate more people at the same time, and the activities that melt the challenge and the basketball area provide an ideal atmosphere for socializing.

The trampoline offers various entertaining options. This equipment offers you a wide range of games. You can choose either a rectangular trampoline or a melting activity trampoline basket. The airbags were recently added to the trampoline parks and are also assembled with the usual trampoline structure.

Soft Play

Soft Play

For the convenience and pleasure of all our customers, we ask all visitors to follow the simple rules of the game in our soft play.

Parents and guardians:

Stay there forever.
Watch your child so that he can use the equipment safely.
Know where your child is and make sure you can find him anytime.
Parents and parents are more aware of their child’s abilities, so they must provide enough control to reflect this.

For the safety of other children, the administration reserves the right to remove naughty children from the center.
The administration reserves the right to refuse to accept.
We also need at least one adult for every 5 visits to children to ensure proper control.

General rules

All children must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. We are not responsible for taking care of children.
Only children up to 4’10 or 148 cm can soft play. Children over this age can play at the discretion of the administrative staff.

Children should use the bathtub and wash their hands before going to the playground.
Jewelry and badges must be safely removed and kept by responsible adults.
Glasses should only be worn with unbreakable lenses and lenses. Small fraudsters are not responsible for damage or loss of such items.
Take off your shoes before going to the playground. Socks should always be worn.
Socks can be purchased at the main reception.

Age Restriction

Age restrictions vary depending on the playground used by visitors and children. It is designed for the safety and enjoyment of all children.
The game is limited to 2 hours during rush hours, with the exception of a conversation with an employee.
Little encourages parents to wear long sleeves and pants. You should always bring clothes. T-shirts and other synthetic fiber products are not recommended and do not allow children to walk on Little indoor playground.
Do not wear rope or laced clothing on playgrounds.
Do not play in front of the slides.

Keep sharp objects away from the playing field.
In soft play area climbing trellised walls or the construction of the system is prohibited.
You cannot bring food, drink or chewing gum to the playground.
Smoking or playing with fire is prohibited in the Little indoor play center.
It is not recommended to allow children who feel bad in the center, and in no case to visit playgrounds.

Soft Play
Soft Play

Balls or other objects should not be thrown together.
Fighting or bullying allowed. The person in charge may ask to leave.
Parents / guardians are responsible for the behavior and well-being of the child they are interested in, at any time when they are in the center and must constantly monitor.

Soft Play Playgrounds

For health and safety reasons, make sure that all fallen products are collected / destroyed as soon as possible. Report any spills to staff who will be happy to clean the area.

Inform the employee of all accidents so that we can provide all necessary assistance and minimize the likelihood of recurrence. They recorded and are an important part of Little continued involvement in games and security controls.
Accidental or intentional, any damage to Little property must be reported to the employee.

Changing diapers, using pots, etc. This should done in the children’s locker room, making sure that the diaper is placed in the appropriate basket.
An indoor play center proudly promotes breastfeeding.
For health and safety reasons, you can only eat products purchased from LGame Center.
Report behavior problems to employees. Do not try to interfere.
Click on room rules in soft play

Children should be constantly supervised by adults when they are in the sensory room.
The contact room is quiet and calm, therefore

Soft Play Manufacturer Company Tunapel

soft play manufacturer

Soft play manufacturer company Tunapel manufacture comply with international standarts

The sun is shining and the day is warm – is it better to spend the children on the playground? However, if parents and other guardians ignore certain basic safety principles for playgrounds, a fun day can be dangerous or even fatal.

More than 200,000 children are injured each year in the playground for emergency medical care. In addition, an average of 17 children die only because they show that they are doing their best and playing games. Simply put, children can be injured when the play environment is not safe.

Unfortunately, the safety of public playgrounds in America has recently turned out to be slightly better than average. According to a recent study by the National Playground Safety Program, public playgrounds across the country have been rated C +. NPPS security consultants visited 50 states and examined more than 3,000 children’s playgrounds, schools and parks. Based on this study, NPPS has developed the following safety rules that parents and guardians must follow to ensure that children are safe on the playground.

The first thing to remember is the SAFE value. Nuclear Power Plant Manager According to Donna Thompson, each letter represents a safety field on the playing field. S means inspection, A means age-appropriate design, F means material recall for fall finishes and E means maintenance of equipment and surface finishes.

S = inspection

Keep in mind that the equipment does not control children; compassionate adults. It takes a minute for a child to enter a dangerous situation. The most important thing that adults can do when their children go to the playground is to accompany them.

Safety is Important Issue

The task of the adult supervisor is to observe children’s play behavior and to be close enough to assist children when their derring begins to lead them into situations that could result in injury. Like a lifeguard in the pool, the person responsible for the playground must be alert to potentially dangerous conditions, constantly scrutinize the environment and only intervene when it is understood that the play behavior of children may have consequences. serious.

soft play manufacturer
soft play manufacturer

Otherwise, adults must allow children to be children and explore the playground, as long as the play equipment matches their developmental abilities – this brings us to the second element of the SAFE design, adapted to the ‘age.

A = age-appropriate design

If you find an experienced soft play manufacturer in your area please check their min 2-3 years old installation to understand their quality.

Experienced Soft Play Manufacturer

Adults need to understand that one size does not fit everyone! The equipment for the playgrounds is designed to develop the capacities of children from 2-5 to 5-12 years old. Parents with children under the age of two should not visit the playground, as the equipment is not intended for children 0-2 years of age. Putting children on equipment that is not suitable for development is like buying a pair of 8 DD boots and waiting for the child to enter without opening them.

Very often, NPPS researchers have noted that adults ride on children’s play equipment that children cannot reach, or kneel down on a small child and slide down the slide. Both activities benefit the child. The basic rule should not apply to children if they cannot independently access equipment. If children are uncomfortable, they sit alone; if they slide on the slide, they should not be on the slide.

A warning must be issued regarding public playgrounds. The NPPS study found that the large compound structures found in parks and schools are for mixed age groups more than 70% of the time. In other words, for young children, the equipment will be insufficient (i.e. four foot slides) and for older children – not enough (i.e. eight foot slides) .

However, due to the inherent connection to these structures, nothing prevents small children from accessing the upper elements. A three-year-old child is not ten years old in terms of strength, thinking and physical development. Without proper supervision (again, element S is present), it is very easy for a child to access equipment that is not in line with their developmental abilities.

Many soft play manufacturer companies are now labeling the equipment to inform the public of the appropriate age group who should use the structure. Remember that instead of signage, equipment between 2 and 5 years old must not exceed six meters or reach a child.

Indoor Playground Manufacturer from Turkey

Antalya Park is an indoor playground manufacturer from Turkey. Antalya Park’s indoor playground manufacturer company Antalya Park produces ball pool systems, soft play playgrounds, foam Toys, toddler playgrounds in Antalya. All Antalya Park’s indoor playground equipment is manufactured in conformity with International Quality and Safety Standards. Antalya Park’s products comply with EN 1176 and EN1177 standarts.

All of Antalya Park’s big soft play systems, Soft Play Spare Parts, and ball pools are manufactured in accordance with Antalya Park’s customer’s area dimensions and expectations. They generate special projects for all Antalya Park’s customers. You will get the most competitive Soft Play Prices at Antalya. Firstly, They ask for area dimensions and some pictures of the area from Antalya Park’s customer. Antalya Park’s designers generate a project based on requires of Antalya Park’s customer. They send drawings different render angles to show all details of the soft play project, following these, They send to Antalya Park’s customer a price offer. If Antalya Park’s customers’ demands revision in the project, They can easily change the project. As soon as They are agreeing with the customer all the conditions regarding project, price and payment terms, They put the project in the production order. They finish all projects just in time and load to Antalya Park’s customer.  Antalya Park, can provide the Soft Play Equipment installation service for Antalya Park’s customers all over the world.

Antalya Park’s systems (ball pools) are reinforced with steel construction inside and included wrapped with sponge layer inside at the last, finished with PVC layer. They use premium quality raw materials.

World New Trend: Trampoline Park

Trampoline park, the world’s newest and trendy entertainment trend! The pleasure of jumping meets sport! These playgrounds, which appeal to a long age group, have become an indispensable hobby for everyone who opposes gravity. It is an area where everyone who wants to get rid of the tiredness of daily city life can spend hours and offers the privilege of doing sports while having fun.

 Antalya Park continues its designs with the awareness that the best way to support body development and to make children love to move is to combine it with fun. restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and indoor playgrounds, which are popular with playgrounds, are now adding trampoline parks to create more productive playgrounds. For your children to spend quality time and have fun and do sports, you will not choose any other area than trampoline park. Spending time in the park is also recommended by doctors as a very useful exercise for the children to gain flexibility and strengthen their joints.

   It is very important for the healthy development that children sitting in school all day throw away their energy. Families have started to prefer trampoline facilities. One of the most beloved parts of family-owned businesses and game entertainment centers, this great entertainment has become a trend all over the world. Each family began to move towards these areas, which aimed at both the quality of the child’s time and the movement and development of the body.

Why Should I Prefer Toddler Playground For Between 2-3 Years Old Kids?

toddler playground

Why Should I Prefer Toddler Playground For Between 2-3 Years Old Kids?

Nowadays children’s playgrounds are decreasing very fastly particularly in big city. This situation is affecting adversely children. Because children need to sport for bone development. But outdoor playgrounds aren’t enough for this development. That’s why we will handle “toddler playground and kids” in this article.

Actually we will handle toddler playgrounds in this article. Because toddler playgrounds part of soft play areas. If we start to this section, we can understand all stages of soft play areas.

Let’s start.

Why Should I Prefer Toddler Area For Between 2-3 Years Old Kids?

Firstly between 2-3 years old kids are very sensitive and unguarded. But these ages kids should make sport or moving activities. At the same time these kids shouldn’t hurt own body. That’s why toddler playground are very useful for these kids.

These areas include sponges and soft equipments. These equipments mustn’t include non toxin by international standards. But many soft play manufacturer doesn’t abide by these standards. So if you think to buy a toddler area, you must attention these standards.

The between 2-3 years old kids can play with same aged kids in these areas. This is affected also positively kids’ social life. They make friends and do sports in these areas.

These areas are smaller than other playgrounds. So parents can see easily own children. Maybe they can play together. 🙂

Also these areas include jigsaws and puzzles. These equipments can help kids development of brain. Especially these games provide cooperation between kids.

toddler playground
toddler playground


At the globalizing world playgrounds are decreasing very fastly. Particularly outside play areas are becoming dwindle. But kids need to sport and moving for bone development. That’s why parents should prefer inside playgrounds. Especially between 2-3 years old kids can play at indoor playgrounds easily. Because toddler areas are opened for this situation. In this areas are very safer than other playgrounds. Because these areas are manufactured by sponges and soft equipments. Kids cannot hurt own body in these playgrounds. Also other kids cannot hurt kids. Because all equipment manufacture by sponges. Lastly parent should not afraid to these playgrounds. Because these areas check by governments.

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soft play equipment supplier


Nowadays competition is growing fastly in entertainment industry. There is very changeable activities in entertainment industry. These activities affect to people’s elections. Actually this variety is perplex of people. Because people can’t know to prefer which one. This situation escalate competition. There is a solution this problem. This solution is differentiation.

Differentiation should be for entertainment equipment manufacturer and supplier. They should find different entertainment activities and styles. Because people’s habitat is very different each other. If manufacturer target market is kids and teenars, S/He should produce soft play equipment or trampoline park equipment. Nowadays these two activities are very famous between kids and teen. Soft play equipments supplier must be invest to technology and design. Because this is necessary for against competition.

Soft play equipment supplier should adjust to technology and design. Design and technology must work together for new products and quality working. Thus supplier and manufacturer can earn more money and keep away from competition. Also soft play equipments manufacturer should be attention to distribution. Because distribution sometimes can be high cost.

If a soft play equipment supplier export around the world country, manufacturer should be more attention to distribution from other supplier and manufacturer. In this way supplier don’t against competition.


Nowadays entertainment industry is developing his-self. But it is not helpful for entertainment equipments manufacturer and supplier. Because when increase products, people can’t decision choose which one. But competition is high, manufacturer and supplier should produce new equipments and playgrounds. There is one solution for against competition. This, investment to technology and design. Because many manufacturer can’t produce technological products and eye-pleasing playgrounds. If manufacturer invest to technology and design, it can earn money more than other manufacturer. At the same time manufacturer should be export own products to other country. But this way, it can be combat with competition.

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Soft play area manufacturer and healthy equipment” We handled this headline. If you have any question, you can comment. We will contuniue for writing.


Nowadays customer experience change fastly. New world order redirect people  to different entertainment types. In this way customer experience change very fastly. That’s why entertainment equipment manufacturers should adapt to change. But while they adapt for this situation, they shouldn’t produce low quality and simple equipments. For this, manufacturers should invest to improve healthy equipments. Especially Soft play area manufacturers must more attention more than other entertainment equipments manufacturers for healthy equipment.

Soft play areas produce for children and teens. They want to have fun, but their parents want healthy playgrounds. That’s why their parents don’t want to play own children in these areas. But this perception doesn’t true. Because many soft play areas are produced quality conforming to standard.

Soft play areas should be healthy, If manufacturer want to increase number of player. Therefore soft play manufacturer must attention production stages. Because raw materials of soft play areas include many foreign matter. This process must be manage very careful and fast.

How should be soft play area manufacturer and healthy equipment?

There are many points “how should be soft play manufacturer and healthy equipments”. We listed this points for you.

  • Soft play manufacturer should has standard certificates.
  • Soft play area manufacturer should be check all stages in production process.
  • Manufacturer should prefer quality raw materials.
  • Manufacturer should be respectful of employee rights.
  • Raw materials should be stored systematically.
  • Domestic government should audit soft play area equipments’ health level.

soft play area manufacturer
soft play area manufacturer


As a result entertainment ındustry grow everyday. In this way soft play area manufacture ındustry also grow fastly. This growth bring along some problems. One of these problems are low quality equipments. Soft play area manufacturer should solve these problems. For this, manufacturer should invest for technology. Manufacturer can solve this problem with just technology.

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Ball Pool Manufacture and Workmanship” we will handle this subject for helping to users of ball pool playgrounds. We will treat ball pool areas advantages and disadvantages. Also we will tell workmanship of ball pool areas.


In the globalized world people’s are changing interest in entertainment varies. This change is cause to born of new industries and that appears different playgrounds. One of them are ball pool playgrounds. Ball pool areas are very fun and safe playgrounds. Also ball pool playgrounds are assisting to grow for children’s body. But some ball pool areas don’t safe and quality. That’s why parents and customers should be careful, when prefer ball pool areas.

There are advantages of ball pool areas. Firstly ball pool areas ensure fun and safe time. Another advantage is helping to grow children’s and teens’s body. Also ball pool areas are helping to grow mental ability. Children are making new friends. And they are making to socialize. So children should play in ball pool areas.

There are also disadvantages of ball pool areas as are advantages. Firstly ball pool areas can be insecure and poor quality. Therefore customers should be careful about ball pool playgrounds. Secondly bad design ball pool areas can be boring. Because Design is very important at ball pool design. Also workmanship is very important at manufacture of ball pool.

Ball Pool Manufacture and Workmanship The Relationship Between

Workmanship is necessary for ball pool manufacture. Because, ball pool areas manufacture use hand work more than mass production. And each worker should be professional. Each ball pool playground manufacture project is special. That’s why managers need professional workers. Especially quality workmanship is necessary for iron works. Because skeleton must be very quality and sturdy. In this way will not be accident in later time periods.

ball pool manufacture and workmanship
ball pool manufacture and workmanship


As a result children want to play in ball pool areas every day. That’s why ball pool manufacture is increasing everyday. But all ball pool areas aren’t safe. Therefore parents and customers should be careful about ball pool areas. There are advantages and disadvantages of ball pool areas. Disadvantages should be reduce for ball pool areas. For this, ball pool manufacturer should be attention to workmanship. When workmanship is good, products will be quality and safe.