Nowadays competition is growing fastly in entertainment industry. There is very changeable activities in entertainment industry. These activities affect to people’s elections. Actually this variety is perplex of people. Because people can’t know to prefer which one. This situation escalate competition. There is a solution this problem. This solution is differentiation.

Differentiation should be for entertainment equipment manufacturer and supplier. They should find different entertainment activities and styles. Because people’s habitat is very different each other. If manufacturer target market is kids and teenars, S/He should produce soft play equipment or trampoline park equipment. Nowadays these two activities are very famous between kids and teen. Soft play equipments supplier must be invest to technology and design. Because this is necessary for against competition.

Soft play equipment supplier should adjust to technology and design. Design and technology must work together for new products and quality working. Thus supplier and manufacturer can earn more money and keep away from competition. Also soft play equipments manufacturer should be attention to distribution. Because distribution sometimes can be high cost.

If a soft play equipment supplier export around the world country, manufacturer should be more attention to distribution from other supplier and manufacturer. In this way supplier don’t against competition.


Nowadays entertainment industry is developing his-self. But it is not helpful for entertainment equipments manufacturer and supplier. Because when increase products, people can’t decision choose which one. But competition is high, manufacturer and supplier should produce new equipments and playgrounds. There is one solution for against competition. This, investment to technology and design. Because many manufacturer can’t produce technological products and eye-pleasing playgrounds. If manufacturer invest to technology and design, it can earn money more than other manufacturer. At the same time manufacturer should be export own products to other country. But this way, it can be combat with competition.

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